Product Description
The 4 in. Flexible Mist Nozzle Extension has a 10/24 nozzle thread that can be used in place of a standard mist nozzle. The nozzle extends the mist spray another four inches in the mist line, and the wire memory allows the user to direct the mist wherever needed. This is especially useful on fixed fitting mist systems such the DIY PVC mist system. The extension features a Brass and Stainless Steel Mist that only uses one half gallon per hour per nozzle, making it the most water efficient nozzle available.

Features and Benefits
  • Allows for directional adjustment of the mist on a rigid mist line
  • Can be used to extend the misting nozzle around obstacles
  • Interchangeable - screw into any 10/24 threaded mist nozzle opening
  • Not for use on pressure boosted systems (160 PSI or above)