Models #: 26500, 27795, 56805, 94093, 96093 ?

Product Description
Most likely your lawn is not a perfect square of circle, and yet you would like to conveniently water it without wasting water. The Perfect Pattern Gear Drive Sprinkler actually adjusts for these variations found in yard shapes. Not only does it reduces water waste, but it also has matched precipitation so each part of your yard gets the water it needs, where it needs it. Paired with Orbit’s new spike base, this spike will ensure the Perfect Pattern stays put.

Features and Benefits
  • Unique sprinkler that adjusts it's watering path to custom shapes
  • 12 easy-to-grip knobs to set watering area
  • 30-360º adjustment collars
  • Hose swivel for easy hose attachment
  • Whisper quiet spray action

Instruction Manual is for models # 26500, 27795, 56805, 94093, 96093
Instruction Sheet is for models # 26500, 27795, 56805, 94093, 96093
How To Set Up the Precision Arc Sprinkler

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