Models #: 56346, 56565 ?

Product Description
The Orbit Compact Gear Drive Sprinkler is one of the easiest to adjust gear drive sprinklers on the market. You can set your desired spray coverage anywhere from partial to full circle by moving the fingertip adjustment tabs. Customize the spray by sliding the diffuser to create a softer, wider spray or a more narrow spray. To set up, just attach your hose and select the area where you would like to water, then insert the sprinkler into the ground using the sturdy step spike. This sprinkler can be used as a stand-alone sprinkler or connected to a series to increase your coverage.

Features and Benefits
  • LARGE-AREA COVERAGE: Sprays up to 80 feet in diameter, covering 5,026 square feet when set to a full circle.
  • FINGERTIP ADJUSTMENT: Adjust spray coverage from a partial to full circle using the easy-to-use collar tabs.
  • SPRAY DIFFUSER: Widen or narrow your spray pattern with the sliding diffuser shield.
  • LONG-LASTING CONSTRUCTION: Made from strong, durable plastic to ensure this product will last from season to season without rust or corrosion.
  • FLOW-THROUGH OUTLET: Use as a single sprinkler, or connect multiple sprinklers in a series to expand your watering area.
  • SIMPLE POSITIONING: Push the spike into soft turf or soil; easy to remove and reposition as needed.
  • OPERATING WATER PRESSURE: Works from 15 to 65 psi.

How to adjust Orbit compact Gear Drive Sprinkler

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