Models #: 27905, 58189N, 91689 ?

Product Description
Orbits Hose Guide with Zinc Spike keeps your hose in place and prevents it from slipping into unwanted areas. Prevent damage to your hose from possible kinks and ware by keeping it in place. Use one or more guides around the yard to prevent damaging flowers, plants and shrubs as you pull the hose. Simple to use, push the spike into the ground to hold guide firmly in place. Easily relocate guides to channel your hose around flowerbeds. Its durable construction will last season after season.

Features and Benefits
  • PREVENT LANDSCAPE DAMAGE: Keep the hose from running over and damaging delicate plants, flowers and shrubs.
  • STOPS KINKS: Prevents hoses from kinking and twisting while on the ground.
  • EXTENDS LIFE OF HOSE: Keeps hose in place to prevent extensive wear and damage.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made with zinc, this hose guide spike lasts season after season.
  • SIMPLE-TO-USE: Push the spike into soft turf or soil.

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