Models #: 56315, 69525 ?

Product Description
The Orbit Shrub and Flowerbed Watering Kit utilizes the innovative Drip-Lock fitting design to make installation easier and goof-proof. The fittings easily push onto the tubing and can be just as easily removed if you want to make a change. It has never been easier to set up a watering system designed to effectively water your trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds. Kit includes: 50 feet of 1/2 inch distribution tubing, 50 feet of 1/4 inch distribution tubing, a 3-in-1 hose faucet to tubing adapter, eight bubbler heads, 1/2 inch Drip-Lock tubing fittings, and 1/4 inch tubing fittings.

Features and Benefits
  • AREA COVERAGE: Waters up to 250 square feet of shrubs and flowerbeds
  • EASY SETUP: Drip-Lock fittings reduce installation time with a simple push-on and removable design
  • STANDARD CONNECTION: Connects to any standard hose faucet or garden hose
  • CONSERVE WATER: Bubbler heads save water over traditional spray heads by watering directly at the root
  • 3-IN-1 ADAPTER: Includes built-in filter, pressure reducer, and 1/2 inch tubing adapter
  • OUTDOOR USE: For use with cold water only

Instruction Manual is for models # 56315, 69525
Instruction Sheet is for models # 56315, 69525
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