Bloom Planting Bundle

Bloom Planting Bundle

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Get everything that you need to start planting. Bloom products are so bright and colorful, they make getting outside in your garden fun. This trowel and bulb planter combo will make it easy to. get your flower bulbs in the ground.
Colors are selected at random upon fulfillment.

Bundle includes:

Bloom Aluminum Transplanter

Transplanting your plants into the ground or into new pots has never been easier than with the Bloom Aluminum Transplanter. It is constructed of stain-resistant, sturdy aluminum that allows for easy cleaning. Featuring a shock-absorbing silicone cushion grip handle for comfortable, ergonomic use.  A 4” ruler on the convex side of the transplanter tool ensures your plants are dug precisely into the soil for optimal growth.

Comes in three colors: violet, green, and teal. Color selected at random upon fulfillment.

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Bloom Aluminum Trowel

Working in the garden? Having the right tools in your hands is so important to help get the job done well! The Bloom Aluminum Trowel is designed to be the little workhorse you need to transplant, tend, and weed your garden like a professional landscaper. Whether you are planting rows of annuals in the spring or harvesting the literal fruits of your labor in the fall, get your hands on a durable, cast aluminum gardening trowel to get the work done. This sturdy aluminum trowel features a cushioned, silicone handle for comfortable, ergonomic use and comes in vibrant shades that rival even the most colorful blooms in your garden. Its deep and wide blade makes shoveling and moving soil less strenuous, allowing you to finish and enjoy your garden in less time. The Bloom Aluminum Trowel comes in three colors: violet, green, and teal.

Product Features: 

  • Comfort Silicone Grip
  • Durable cast aluminum, hammer-tone finish blade
  • Assorted colors sold separately
  • Color selected at random upon fulfillment

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