B-hyve® Hose Faucet Timer and Zinc Impact Dual Pack

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Turn your faucet into a watering powerhouse with two large area impact sprinklers and a B-hyve® smart hose faucet timer. The B-hyve® timer lets you control your timer from anywhere and draws on real-time weather data to constantly adjust your watering schedule throughout the year, giving optimal watering amounts without waste. The impact sprinklers cover up to 80 feet in diameter under optimal water pressure and are adjustable from 0-360 degrees. And the pass-through ports on each sprinkler allow for coupling, giving you twice the coverage.

Bundle includes:

B-hyve® Smart Hose Watering Timer
The B-hyve® Smart Hose Watering Timer with Wi-Fi hub will save you water, money, and time. As an EPA WaterSense 2021 Partner of the Year, we know how important it is to save water.
Connect via smartphone for maximum watering control over each zone of your lawn or garden. The timer collects online weather data to optimize water usage.
You only need one Wi-Fi hub (Part 21006), but add as many faucet timers as you want.
Requires 2-AA Alkaline Batteries (Not Included)

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Zinc Impact on Aluminum Step Spike -Dual Pack
The Orbit Zinc Impact Sprinkler on Metal Step Spike is ideal for watering large areas. Designed for dependability, impact heads have an uninterrupted water flow that are clog-resistant, even when used with dirty or reclaimed water from ponds and canals. Attached to a zinc step spike, this sprinkler sprays up to an 85-foot diameter. Easily adjust the coverage from a partial section to a full circle. Features a deflector shield for distance adjustment and an anti-backsplash arm to aid in spray pattern and area coverage. A simple twist of the diffuser screw breaks up the water stream, creating larger or smaller water droplets. The flow-through outlet allows you to connect multiple sprinklers to expand your watering areas depending on water pressure. The all-metal construction is designed to hold up against the typical wear and tear that most impact sprinklers experience, giving you years of dependable use.

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