Above Ground All-in-One Sprinkler Kit

Part #: 27884Z

Above Ground All-in-One Sprinkler Kit

Don't have a sprinkler system built into the ground? Don't want to spend the time and money getting one installed? We have the solution for you with the Above Ground 3-Piece Sprinkler Kit by Orbit Irrigation Products. Now you can quickly and easily assemble a sprinkling system using your hose faucet!

To set up the kit, first use the teflon tape and wrap it around the adapter. Then, twist the sprinkler head onto the adapter and the adapter into the base. Simply attach the included hoses to the bases and set them in the desired locations. Use your preferred garden hose to connect to one of the bases and connect the mechanical timer. Just turn on your faucet and twist to the desired time on the timer and your sprinkler kit system is ready to go!

Features and Benefits

  • INCLUDES: (3) Sprinkler Bases, (3) Adjustable Spray Heads, (2) 12 Ft Hoses, (3) Adapters, Teflon Tape
  • T-SHAPED CROSS BASE DESIGN: Base allows you to connect hose from three outlet options
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SET UP: Design your own sprinkler system and rearrange based on your yard shape
  • EASY REPLACEMENT: Use any underground pop up heads
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