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Part Number 55075

Saturn II & III Gear Driven Sprinkler Nozzles


Four replacement nozzles for the Orbit Saturn III, Saturn II, Titan, Eclipse, 5500 PMR, and Neptune sprinkler heads. For Saturn III models that feature the metal distance adjustment screw protruding from the top of the head. Efficiently water 17 to 35 feet. Adjust the watering distance down more by using the sprinkler heads distance adjustment screw. Each nozzle is color-coded for easy identification. Instruction manual included with contains Saturn III pattern adjustment, flow rates, and precipitation rates.

Features and Benefits

  • Red .75 GPM nozzle sprays 17 – 18 feet
  • Blue 1.5 GPM nozzle sprays 23-24 feet
  • Green 3.0 GPM nozzle sprays 28-30 feet
  • Black 4.0 GPM nozzle sprays 33-35 feet
  • Distances are approximate, based on the recommended 40 psi
  • Instructions included

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