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Bloom Large All-Purpose Collapsible Container


Cleanup is a breeze with the Bloom Large All-Purpose Collapsible Container. Forget paper landscaping bags that can tear and are not reusable; Bloom’s sturdy polyester garden bags are ready to go when you are! Pick up leaves, sticks, lawn clippings, mulch, or any other garden refuse and easily toss them into the collapsible garden container. With durable woven handles, the pop-up tote makes it easy to move around your yard while you work. Once your task is completed, collapse the springy container into itself and secure with Velcro straps; when collapsed, the garden container is nearly flat and can be stored just about anywhere. Each collapsible lawn tote holds up to 32 gallons and 100 pounds. That is a lot of leaves! The Bloom Large All-Purpose Collapsible Container comes in three colors: violet, green, and teal.

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Save 10% when you buy both the collapsible container and the Leaf Scoops. Discount applied in cart.

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