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Part Number 11023BL

Bloom InstaBrace®- Dragonfly (4-pack)


Customize your space this season with the Bloom InstaBrace Dragonfly Pattern 4-pack! This is an easy and innovative way to create raised garden beds to grow herbs, plants, flowers & veggies without the hassle of tools or other hardware.

Simply set the brackets in place, slide in any standard 2″w. lumber into each Bracket, and get digging! Try stacking (2) 2×6 boards on each side, or use (3) 2×4 boards. Maybe you want to use just (1) 2×12 board on each side. The point is, you get to customize the length and height of your garden based on your space constraints. It’s the easy, tool-free way to start gardening without a lot of extra fuss.
  • Create a 12-14″h. raised garden bed that’s deep enough for veggies, herbs and flowers
  • Customize to the exact length and width of your space
  • Use any standard 2″ lumber (not included) in any length
  • Use just 1 board, or stack 2-3 pieces on top of each other
  • Wood just slides into brackets; No tools required
  • 100% steel for outdoor use
  • Available in sun and dragonfly designs

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