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InstaBrace® 4-Pack of Brackets for Raised Garden Bed - Dragonfly


Build the raised garden bed of your dreams with absolutely no tools! InstaBrace® raised garden bed brackets are designed to give you the raised beds you desire in less time. No drills or nails needed: simply decide how big you’d like your raised bed to be, get 2x4s cut from your local hardware store, and then slide the planks of wood into the brackets. Fill with soil and compost, till, and plant your seeds or seedlings! Durable steel construction and coated finish means the brackets will outlast even the most hardy produce in your garden. Each set of 4 raised garden bed brackets can be adjusted to support either a 12” or 14” high bed. No matter what you grow, from tomatoes to chard to sunflowers, your backyard raised garden beds will be just as charming outside the box as it is inside.

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