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Part Number 56318

Hanging Basket Mist Irrigation Watering Kit with Hose-End Timer


The Orbit Hanging Basket Watering Kit includes everything you need to simply and efficiently water your hanging baskets from a hose faucet or garden hose. The flexible memory tube wraps around the supports, positioning the sprinkler exactly.


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Free shipping on orders over $35
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Product Features

Kit includes: 50-ft of 1/4-in distribution tubing, 6 flex-mist sprayers, 15 tubing straps, 25 psi pressure reducer, tubing adapter, 5 barbed tees, tubing elbow and one-outlet digital hose faucet timer. The timer features a multitude of programming, allowing you to set it and forget it, taking the work out of watering your plants.

  • NO MORE HAND WATERING: Dedicated lines in your hanging baskets allow them to remain hanging for watering
  • SINGLE-PORT HOSE-END TIMER: A variety of programming options does the watering work for you
  • EASY SETUP: Quick and simple assembly
  • WATER MULTIPLE BASKETS: Save time and hassle by watering up to six hanging baskets at once
  • CONSERVE WATER: Flexible memory tube allows for precise nozzle placement, so your plants get the most out of every drop of water
  • OUTDOOR USE: For use with cold water only

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