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Part Number 57860

Battery Operated Underground Sprinkler Timer


Battery operated underground sprinkler timer gives you control over sprinklers systems without the need for an AC electrical connection. The timer has two independent programs and multiple start times per program so that you have extreme schedule flexibility. It includes a waterproof housing to withstand the elements and it runs on three AA batteries so you don’t have to try and stretch a power chord to hard reaching places.

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mallanhart@gmail.com Jack
Stays on and can't be fixed

Yea, I agree with several other reviews...NOT RELIABLE. worked great first year, this year it works fine for a while, then stays on, flooding flower beds and garden. I start over, reset everything, works for a week or two and then stick on. No question its defective. Delicate piece of machinery.

March 24, 2020

Technical Specifications

Connection 1-inch inlet and outlet Female Pipe Thread (FPT)
Operating Pressure 5-80 PSI
Stations 4
Power Requirements 3 AA Batteries
24 Volt DC
Manual Mode Yes
Rain Delay Yes (manually activated)
48 or 72 Hours)
Programs 2
Budget Mode Yes. 10-200%
Run Timer 0-240 minutes (per zone)
Intervals 1-32 days
Days of Week