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Bloom Aluminum Trowel


Gardening is best done with your hands so make sure you have the right tools in those hands! The Bloom Aluminum Trowel is designed to be the little workhorse you need to transplant, tend, and weed your garden like a professional landscaper.

Whether you are planting rows of annuals in the spring or harvesting the literal fruits of your labor in the fall, get your hands on a durable, cast aluminum gardening trowel to get the work done. This sturdy aluminum trowel features a cushioned, silicone handle for comfortable, ergonomic use and comes in vibrant shades that rival even the most colorful blooms in your garden. Its deep and wide blade makes shoveling and moving soil less strenuous, allowing you to finish and enjoy your garden in less time.

The Bloom Aluminum Trowel comes in three colors: violet, green, and teal.


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Free shipping on orders over $35
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