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Part Number 91944

All-in-One Tomato & Vegetable Drip Kit


Get your grow on this season with the Orbit All-in-One Tomato & Vegetable Drip Kit! This start-up kit holds everything you need to install drip irrigation for up to ten tomato plants. Designed for simple hose-end or hose faucet installation. It's a complete kit in a box. The materials included allow for your choice of a variety of configurations. Ideal for grow boxes or home gardens for the novice and experienced gardener. Not into tomatoes? No problem! This kit is also ideal for growing other vegetables and plants like peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, and so much more. Easy to install, kit set-up takes about an hour from start to finish. Check out our installation video below!

A complete kit in a box. The Tomato Watering Kit holds everything you need to install drip irrigation for ten tomato plants, designed to be attached to a hose or hose faucet. The materials allow you to adapt drip to your garden space. This kit is ideal for grow boxes and home gardens. Great for other plants like peppers and eggplant. The Kit takes about an hour to install.

Product Features and Benefits Include

  • A complete drip kit in a box
  • Ideal for tomato plants
  • Attach to a hose or hose faucet
  • Easy to Install
  • Push-on fittings
  • No special tools required
  • Helpful garden tips included
  • Use for vegetables and other plants like peppers or eggplants
  • For outdoor use with cold water only

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