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Part Number 57865

4-Station Battery Operated Controller


Spend less time watering your lawn and more time enjoying it! With the Orbit Battery Operated Sprinkler Timer keeping your lawn hydrated and beautiful won’t be a full-time job! *1" FTP valve sold separately.

As the name suggests, this valve is completely functional off DC battery operated current. So if you have a sprinkler box without a power outlet nearby, this is the perfect timer. Three AA (1.5V) batteries are all it takes, (batteries not included).

Product Features Include

  • Easy and Flexible Programing: Operates up to 4 stations, with up to 8 start times, and can be run from 1-240 minutes. Set for days of the week, odd/even days, or intervals (between 1-30 days).
  • Battery Operated: Works great for sprinkler boxes without a power outlet nearby (Requires 3 AA batteries not included). Low battery warning will alert you when to replace batteries.
  • Detachable Timer: Easily remove timer from housing for programming.
  • Durable Construction: Weatherproof housing protects timer from the elements, and every valve connection is sealed with a water-tight O-ring.
  • Ideal for remote locations and drip irrigation
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Product Manuals

Current US Product Manual for 4-Station Battery Operated Controller

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