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Part Number 80361

4 Inch Professional Spray Head PR w/ Flush Cap


Professional Series is ideal for use in residential and commercial landscapes, the handles the most intricately designed, high maintenance areas with ease. adjustable pattern nozzle allows you to place water exactly where you want, it off sidewalks, buildings and driveways.

The sprinkler offers a molded, pressure activated wiper seal that excessive flow-by and cleans the stem upon completion of watering. A pre-installed adjustable pressure regulator delivers a constant PSI 30 for spray nozzles and 40 for rotary nozzles. The regulator delivers even, and consistent water coverage over a nozzle’s radius. No over spray or misting due to an over pressurized system. The installed dual-port flush plug provides for easy clean out and easy access nozzle installation. The sprinkler body attaches to a 1/2″ pipe thread riser easy installation. Compatible with most brands of nozzles and spray heads.

Features and Benefits

  • Pre-installed adjustable pressure regulator in each head ensures optimal nozzle performance
  • Prevents misting due to high pressures
  • 30 to 40 PSI Adjustable Pressure Regulator
  • A strong, fortified cap with superior threads
  • Factory-installed dual-port flush cap
  • The body has added buttresses under the cap for better grip

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