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Part Number 5945

Bond Ultimate 3-Piece Pruning Set


Maintaining your landscaping doesn’t have to be painstaking; grip a pair of Bond pruning shears or loppers and trim away excess branches with precision and ease. The 3-piece set includes: 24 in. bypass lopper, 8.5 in. wave edged hedge shears, and 8 in. bypass pruner. All three shears feature sharp, piercing edges for faster, more precise cuts made from steel blade construction. Bond delivers comfort with every cut by offering cushioned, non-slip gripping handles. With the 24” bypass lopper, you’ll be able to get at hard-to-reach branches and expertly trim limbs without the use of a chainsaw. The bypass lopper is ideal for small to medium branches. The 8 in. bypass pruner is ideal for flower gardens and other small stemmed plants and trees. Keep your shrubbery and hedges tidy with the 8.5 in. wave-edged hedge shears. This gardening tool gives you precise, clean lines on your shrubs and hedges.


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