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Part Number 54522

2 Inch Professional Spray Head w/Brass Full Nozzle


The new Orbit Professional Series 2" Spray Head brings rugged elegance to the irrigation market. It is ideal for use in residential and commercial landscapes, and handles the most intricately designed, high maintenance areas with ease. The spray head includes a durable full pattern brass nozzle. There are two seals on the cap, a radial seal and a face seal. There are two more seals on the riser making leaks a thing of the past.

Features and Benefits

  • 10′ to 15′ spray radius for large-sized lawns.
  • 2″ Pop-up Height
  • Durable Full Pattern Brass Nozzle
  • Five sealing surfaces defend against leaks on the stem and cap.
  • Our new seal is over-molded with a core of ridged plastic, standing up to corrosives.
  • Pressure activated seal, seals tight to the cap and stem.
  • A strong, fortified cap with superior threads.
  • The surface area of the filter has been improved and strengthened.
  • The body has added buttresses under the cap for better grip.
  • Spray head pockets are designed to catch debris preventing wear and tear on the entire irrigation system.
  • Stem works in tandem with the wiper seal and cap to help prevent leaks.
  • Stem threaded to fit all major manufacturers female threaded nozzles.
  • Ratchet stem allows quick directional adjustments.
  • Heavy-Duty stainless steel spring assures complete sprinkler retraction.

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