Pro Flo Timer Get’s the Job Done Without Fuss

Every year Orbit introduces a whole host of new products.  Some are brand new concepts which take a more innovative approach to irrigation.  And sometimes we find ways to make our best selling products even better.  In relation to the latter, we are improving a number of our lines and introducing the professional version of already popular products.

62041_cat_070115One such product is our new Pro-Flow Mechanical Timer.  This takes the already great Mechanical Hose Faucet Timer and gives it a boost in performance and durability.  The Pro-Flow timer works just like the original, similar to an egg timer with the twist top timer design.  The timer still has the same 15-120 minute run duration and requires no batteries to operate.  And it also still has the manual override.  But we’ve improved it with the heavy duty metal construction and grippy, oversized dial.  The internal design allows for up to 20% greater flow.

If you’re in need of simple, easy to use timer for your hose faucet, check out new Pro-Flo Mechanical Timer.