New Magnum Firehose Nozzles Bring Power and Versatility

56371New for the 2016 year, we’re releasing a range of firehose nozzles to give you a fantastic upgrade to hose end watering.  What’s so great about the firehose nozzle?  For starters, the core is crafted from strong, light and rust proof aluminum.  This metal housing ensures it will stand up to the abuse a garden can bring.

Surrounding that metal housing is a thick and durable rubber grip. This grip is made from uncrushable materials and provides a slip proof, insulated and ergonomic shape.56385

Finally, the adjustable nozzle gives you anything from a tight, powerful spray for blasting off dirt and debris, to a large and gentle flow of water, for watering plants or soaking the roots of trees.  The bright red color ensures the nozzle won’t get lost in the foliage, but be easy to spot.

Nozzles come in small, medium or large, so you can find the right fit for your hand size, with each one providing the same impressive performance and durability.