Mist: Not Just Cool, Easy Too

Installing mist is easy.  It’s actually quite fun as you think about the different cooling options.  Orbit sells misting kits and individual parts for expansion. mist32

The first step to any mist system is to pick where you want to put it.  Consider areas where you spend (or would like to spend) a lot of time.  Common areas are patios, porches, decks, and balconies.  But it could really be anywhere.  Once you know where you want mist, you need to measure how much mist tubing you’ll need.  Orbit’s Arizona Mist can expand to 50 feet with no problems.  Kit’s usually come in lengths of 10-12 feet and come with hose tap connection, feeder line, auto drain valve, and misting nozzles.  You can then buy extension tubing in 10-20 foot lengths, which can easily be cut to any size.



Once you’ve purchased your misting system you’re now ready to install.  To install the tubing, use the wood hanging claps (we also make clamps that work on stucco).  The tubing should just clip in.  Next, drag the feeder tubing to your water source and use the hose end connector.

If your water pressure is low, you may need a booster pump, especially if you’re using multiple extensions.  Also, we recommend using the mist filter.  Mist nozzles have very small opening and as such are susceptible to clogging. If you life in a place with a lot of minerals in the water, such as hard water, then you’ll want to use this. Algae buildup is also a common problem and the filter will prevent this. mist3.1

Besides our kits, there are various innovative options for mist, including metal and pvc connections, as well as our patented slip-lok system which allows connections in seconds.