How To Achieve A Beautiful Yard Even With Watering Restrictions

As we enter the spring and summer months, that means lots of people are turning their attention to their gardens. The deep freeze is (for most) thawing and revealing all the projects and cleanup that needs doing.
But even though it’s been a rough winter with record snowfall for many parts of the country, there are still large parts that are going to be facing water shortages this year. In fact, the situation is so serious that many municipalities are already planning on watering restrictions. So how can you still enjoy a nice looking lawn and garden without having a plentiful supply of the most vital element?
Truth is most people overwater their yards, and not just a little, but a lot. Irrigation usually consumes the most water of any household activity; upwards of 60 percent of all home water usage. And a quarter to half of that is wasted, as in not necessary. So there’s usually room for improvement, and we’re dedicated to making products that last, but also help conserve water.
We’ve been making an effort to pair with many municipalities to help homeowners optimize their sprinkler systems. And we’re pleased to talk about one of those partnerships close to Orbit headquarters. The Bountiful Irrigation District in Bountiful, Utah is one of those areas experiencing drought conditions. The situation has been building for a few years with increased population growth, larger water needs in surrounding states and lower than average winter snowfall. Bottom line is that watering restrictions are likely. But in a joint program we’re providing catch cups for citizen to perform sprinkler audits. Using these in conjunction with our website, homeowners are able to optimize their watering habits, reducing water waste and keeping their lawns green and healthy.
Throughout the spring and summer we’ll be exploring tips and tricks to get the most beautiful garden you’ve ever experienced. So check back often.