Hose Faucet Timers


Three plants are talking to each other just after being watered. One says: “Tell me, how did he know we were thirsty? Who told him?”

Another answers: “I think one of us must be a plant.”

Okay, lame jokes aside, how do you know your plants are being consistently watered whether you are at home or away? One great solution is a hose faucet timer.

What is a hose faucet timer?

A hose faucet timer is a simple device that attaches to your faucet and automates hose watering. It is a great addition to your sprinkler system or, in some cases, can act as an independent watering system.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple:

  • Attach the timer to your faucet
  • Connect your hose to your timer.
  • Set your watering preferences.
  • Go do everything else on that long to-do list you have.

Want to see for yourself? Just check out this video.

What are your options?

There are plenty of options, from a timer with one outlet for basic needs, to a timer with four outlets to create a whole watering system. So visit our website or your local home improvement store to learn more!

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  1. Your review is awaiting approval

    I bought a few timers a while back and they have quit working. I bought the warranty. I cannot find my receipt. HELP

  2. Sara

    Hola, soy de paraguay, adquiri un programador a baterias de 4 estaciones, que trae ya consigo 2 valvulas, adicionalmente adquiri las otras 2 valvulas. Al conectar las 4 valvulas con las configuraciones, la estacion 1 no se enciende, recien a partir de la 2. Me podria decir cual es el inconveniente que podria tener?. Gracias

    • Justin S.

      Por favor, envíe un correo electrónico describiendo el problema a nuestro soporte técnico y van a proporcionar una solución o trabajo con su para un reemplazo. Usted puede hacerlo aquí: http://www.orbitonline.com/contact

  3. Dave

    I have a 2 hose timer. How do you put hose 2 on manual?

    • Justin Siebenhaar

      Please visit our site here and find your timer. The instruction manual should be linked on the product page.

  4. Tom L.

    I just purchased the 4 outlet Hose Faucet Timer believing it will replace my existing three separate timer system. However, before I open the package, I would like to confirm one item that I cannot verify with the user documentation. I currently have three timers which all run for one hour duration but with non-overlapping run times. i.e. Timer 1 runs from 4-5am, timer 2 runs from 5-6am, timer 3 runs from 6-7 am. They do not overlap so each of the three zones receive the same water pressure for each one hour cycle.

    It looks as if it will support this, but the online user manual does not specifically state different times for different stations. Thanks for any insight….

    • Justin Siebenhaar

      Yes, that timer will support that function.

  5. Peter

    How can I hook up the sprinkler system to the hose bib using the quick connect fittings and the green pipe

    • Orbit

      We assume when you refer to “green pipe” you are referring to our ¾” ECO-LOCK pipe. To hook up the sprinkler system to the hose bib, you will need a ¾” x ¾” MNPT adapter (part number 36378) and a ¾” FNPT x ¾” FHT swivel adapter (part number 91115). You will screw the quick connector into the ¾” FHT swivel adapter and attach the rest of the system from there.

      Hopefully this helps! If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact technical support at 1-800-488-6156 or email them at [email protected].

  6. Douglas Rose

    I have a battery operated timer but in year 2 after bringing the timer inside during the winter, it is leaking really badly. Can this be fixed?

    • Orbit

      Douglas, after speaking to Technical Support, they suggested that you give them a call. You can reach them at 800-488-6156 for further help. Their hours are Monday-Friday, 7AM-5PM (MDT). Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you! Thanks.