Hose End Watering: The Ace Up Your Sleeve

We often see and hear about lawns and gardens that turn out beautiful with the exception of a couple problem areas that end up detracting from the whole. These could be dry spots, wilting plants or flowers or trees that look unhealthy. In all these instances a great solution can be hose-end watering. But this presents a new challenge because hose watering requires homeowners to adjust their schedules to make sure watering happens. Orbit has a full lineup of great hose tap timers which, when used in conjunction with our hose end sprinklers, will give your yard that little push it needs to reach perfect beauty.

The first step in resolving any problem area in a garden is to determine what the problem is. Many times it will be as simple as getting the plants more water and sunlight, but sometimes it can be more serious—things like lawn diseases or insect infestations—and no amount of water is going to solve this. Water is always a good place to start if you’re testing solutions, but the Internet can be a source of great insights into different problems.


Dad’s Reliable Sprinkler

If you’ve determined the problem is lack of water, start by selecting the right sprinkler for the job. Orbit has sprinklers for large, medium and small areas, as well as drip watering equipment, which can also be adapted for hose-end use. For lawns you’ll probably want an oscillator or impact head. But these would only be used if your lawn has widespread dryness. As a general rule, find the sprinkler to cover only the problem area.  Otherwise you’ll be wasting water and running the risk of over-watering the otherwise healthy parts of your lawn, creating a whole new problem. For dry spots on a lawn, our turret sprinklers with adjustable patterns are perfect because they allow you to pick the right pattern for the problem. In fact, if that’s all you’re dealing with, Dad’s Reliable Sprinkler is a perfect choice with a proven track record.

With this type of watering, there’s always the risk of forgetting to turn the water on or forgetting to turn it off. Either way, you’re left with undesirable results. The hose tap timer eliminates this. Orbit has timers with up to 4 programmable zones, turning your tap into a powerful, automatic tool.

A few tips: Like with all watering, you’ll want to water in the early morning hours, before the sun comes up, to avoid losing water to evaporation. However, make sure hose watering doesn’t overlap with your underground sprinkler schedule, as this will cause a conflict in water pressure. Also, if you have an underground system, perform a sprinkler audit to see if there’s a more permanent change needed to eliminate dry spots. Follow these tips, adapting them as your situation requires, and you’ll be in gardening bliss.