B-hyve Flood Sensor

Protect what matters most.

Flooding affects both renters and homeowners. Both are eligible for flood insurance and should pursue coverage even in a low flood zone. Flood insurance is designed to cover the cost of losses and damage to flooring, walls, permanent fixtures like cabinets, large appliances, and water tanks and heaters.

Coverage usually includes the cost of losses and damage to personal items and valuables within the home but oftentimes, those smaller, more valuable items are irreplaceable. You can insure works of art, family heirlooms, and childhood memories, but you cannot replace them.

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Keepsakes & Electronics

Items with strong emotional connections are invaluable. Protect the precious things, both irreplaceable and expensive, in your life from floods and water damage. Place B-hyve flood sensors near your special keepsakes and electronics.

Appliances & Water Heaters

Defective appliances and damaged water heaters can be the starting point of a costly home flood. Put B-hyve flood sensors around all appliances and water heater to keep your entire home safe from dangerous water damage. 

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Attics & Basements

Water damage can start from the top down. Place sensors near windows and eaves in the attic and stay ahead of water damage in your whole house. Basements and crawlspaces are areas of your home that might not be checked frequently. Get notified immediately if an pipe starts leaking under your home to avoid costly surprises.

b-hyve flood sensor on floor with water approaching
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B-hyve Flood Sensor