Leaks and Flooding are the #1 Cause of Home Damage

2020 has been tough enough. Give yourself one less thing to stress about.

Protects your home with instant flood & leak alerts.

Wireless connection for easy placement.

Free app and no monthly fees.

Rapid leak detection allows you to fix leaks.

Free Shipping and returns + 40 day guarantee.

B-hyve Flood Sensor

Top Places You Need a Flood Sensor or Leak Detector:


Water Heaters

Sinks & Toilets






What You’ll Need:

A smartphone, iOS or Android

Plug for the Wi-Fi Hub

Wi-Fi and Internet Connection

User Reviews:

Easy Setup! Works in the Same App as my B-Hyve Sprinkler

I love a good solution. My current leak system (1) is a “screamer” alarm. If I’m not home – I won’t know. With the new B-Hyve Flood Sensors, I now have 3 monitors and can monitor my utility area (2 water heaters, 2 water filters, lots of pipes), my sump pump area (placed in the pipe inset, so I get a few minutes warning before it hits the floor) and inside my back door (pit type door with no cover, but it does have a drain – we already got flooded when the drain got filled with leaves during a heavy storm and the drain plugged!)

So now I have an alert on my cel phone if I get water in any of these three spaces.

Setup was absolutely simple on my iPhone 8. As long as you know your WIFI access code and can use a smart phone, this is easy to install. The sensors even flash a white light so you can tell which one you are working with. And you can take a picture in the App to see where you put it, and add a title and description.

I hope these won’t get “tested” by a flood, but if they do, I’ll know it.

And the Noah video – GREAT WORK! I LOL’d a lot watching it.

George Wilhelmsen (verified owner)  

Works so far

These were easy to set up and connect to my home network. I love having one app for both my sprinkler system and my new flood sensors. My one issue would be the signal strength from the base wall unit to the sensors. I get a lost connection alert every few days, which has always reconnected quickly on its own. I am confident that even with this one issue that they will alert me of any water entering my basement or leaking from my washing machine.

John N (verified owner)  

 I am sleeping better at night without the fear of flooding

I bought the starter set of 3 flood sensors and it took just 10 minutes to set them up. I put one in the sink to test them out and as soon as I turned on the water I received a text and email alert informing me that the specific sensor went off. I have since added 5 more sensors to cover all toilets, dishwasher, water heater and washing machine. I did have 2 sensors cut in and out but the tech team gave great guidance to quickly reset them and reposition the hub. Great product!

Geoff Chellis (verified owner)  

Easy to set up and use

So far I have no complaints about this product. It was very easy to set up and I do like the information that each sensor displays along with high and low temperature alerts current temperature and alarm status. I was able to place my hub in pretty close proximity to my sensors so I’m not sure if you had to span further distance whether that would be an issue or not. So far I’m very happy with it and would buy additional ones if needed.

Steve (verified owner)  

So Far – Pleased

Easy enough setup but not sure the advertised WiFi range means anything. Had to move the base station around to get all sensors to function. Furthest sensor was about 30 feet away before the relocation. I would really like to see a way this product gives you an audible alarm and even a text message. Seeing that something happened earlier in the day is not very useful. Product should make an immediate succinct alert.

Jan Carstanjen (verified owner)  

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