Fixes the Easy Way With Orbit PVC-Lock

Sometimes your PVC pipe is in need fixing. Sometimes that’s because of freeze damage or damage from lawn equipment. It could come from ground shifting or old age. Maybe you’re changing the landscape around or adding a new line into your pipes. Whatever the cause, there’s a hard way and an easy way.

34783_Together_1.2.14You’re probably familiar with the hard way of doing it. You have to dig several feet back from the broken PVC pipe so you can get enough flex to lift up the pipe and stick on a coupling. You have to mess with glue and then hurry to get your pipe into position before the glue sets. If you put a T-fitting at the wrong angle and the glue sets, you’re in trouble. And because you shouldn’t apply water pressure to a glued fitting, you have to wait up to a day before testing.

However, fixing a broken pipe comes naturally with PVC-Lock, which brings several solutions, all quick, efficient and hassle free. First, with a PVC-Lock slide repair coupling, you don’t have to worry about pulling the pipe far enough up to gain the flex required to insert the coupling. Simply cut out the damaged section and insert your slide repair coupling into the gap and extend it. Press, twist, done!

Another option is flex repair. What happens when your PVC line runs afoul of a tree root? Cutting roots can seriously damage your tree, so it looks like the pipe is going to have to yield. But don’t fear! With the flex repair PVC-Lock, you can go around the root. Just cut a section from the pipe and insert the flex repair coupling.34784_Misaligned 2_1.2.14

Doesn’t that sound easier? No more buying and spilling cans of primer & glue, toxic fumes, and multiple trips to the hardware store. Plus, the install time is so much faster with PVC-Lock with not wait time for drying. And, PVC-Lock is removable, so if you do make a mistake you just take it apart and start over. It’s just a durable as glued PVC, but not a permanent.

When you use the PVC-Lock system, replacing a damaged pipe or tying a line in becomes so much easier. Whatever your reason for replacing a PVC pipe, PVC-Lock is the system for the job.