Eliminate the Frustrations of Mist

Anyone who’s ever owned a misting system has probably experienced the frustrations associated with upkeep.  The cleaning and gunk, the finger-crossing every time you start your misting system up, hoping it will work, parts being clogged, broken or lost.  All the irritation can lead many to wonder if mist is even worth owning.  Thankfully, maintenance has become much easier over the years and Orbit’s misting systems are nearly trouble free if you apply some simple preventative care.

4.3.1 mist maintenance

Perhaps the biggest complaint we hear is that of clogging.  Misting nozzles have the smallest of openings which make the water come out in a fine mist rather than a stream of water.  But these tiny openings are extremely susceptible to clogging, especially if you have hard water.  Calcium buildup clogs mist nozzles faster than anything.  Luckily there’s a solution.  The Calcium Inhibitor filter attaches easily at the water source and filters out those small particles before they enter the system.  It can filter out debris as small as 5 microns.  That’s smaller than a human hair!  And what’s more, it’s easy to install and easy to clean.

Next there is the nozzle cleaning solution, which works great on all materials to loosen particle buildup of either minerals or debris.  Simply soak the nozzles for a short time and they’re like new.  Perform this maintenance once a season and you’ll greatly extend the life of your nozzles.

And what about the end of the season?  As the weather cools and you no longer use your misting system, we recommend treating it like any other irrigation system.  Make sure there’s no water left in the tubes.  Not only will this prevent destroying the tubing in the case of freezing, but doesn’t let those pesky particles sit and encrust themselves.


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  1. Jon

    I have a new system and the brass automatic drain valve emits only a stream of water, no misting. Why is this? I have it turned tightly to minimize the water output, to no avail.

    • Justin S.


      The auto drain valve should emit a stream of water, but only when the system is turned off. This is so the mist pipes drain of water as holding water can result in stale, bad smelling water as well as contribute to clogging the nozzles. So the stream of water is normal. However, this should only be happening once the system is turned off. If it’s happening while the system is turned on then it may need replacing or repair. If that’s the case give us a call at 800-488-6156 and we’ll help resolve the problem.

  2. AnneBeange

    Hi there, you say soak the nozzles to clear the blockage but soak in what? thanks

    • Justin Siebenhaar


      We’re referencing our mist nozzle cleaning solution. Part # 10103