Don’t Just Survive Summer, Live It

mist1Many parts of the world are experiencing hot summers.  Not just typically hot, but really hot summers.  But being out in the sun is one of the best parts of summer.  Barbecues, picnics, having fun with family and friends.  And our backyards and porches are usually the epicenter of these activities.  Orbit’s Arizona Mist is the perfect way to stay cool.

Many people have experienced mist while at a theme park or sporting event.  But this same technology is possible in the average home.  It works by driving water out of small nozzles, thereby vaporizing the water.  This water dissipates, cooling the surrounding air, but everything around it stays dry.

So what sort of cooling can you expect?  Well, the results are pretty drastic (not to mention refreshing).  Most people experience temperatures up to 20°F lower with mist.

Installation is easy.  In most cases it can be done in a couple hours.  Simply connect the pieces of the kit together, attach to your deck or porch, and then hook up to your water source.  That’s it, you’re ready to go.  Expansion is also easy with any or our kits or expansion parts.

The rest of this month we’ll be showing you some of the details involved with building, installing, maintaining and, most of all, enjoying a mist cooling system in your yard.