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How to Protect Your Lawn without Pesticides
If you’ve dealt with pests on your land before, we don’t have to tell you how irritating they can be. They can ruin your landscape or garden over the course of a few days, and depending on where you live, there may be quite a few of them.
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Smart Water Management During a Drought
Inside every B-hyve timer is a brilliant collection of algorithms that produce watering schedules designed to deliver the exact amount of water to the places that need it. More than ever, B-hyve isn’t just a product that makes your life more convenient. It’s a product that changes the way the world waters.
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Garden City Harvest: The Hidden Value of Community Gardening
In a time when community –– real, meaningful community –– is increasingly rare, GCH has brought thousands of Missoulians together. Through local gardening and farming education, they’ve fostered connections between young and old, homeless and affluent, farmers and restaurants, students and locals. Their humble community gardens have changed the very landscape of Missoula, both physically and communally.
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