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What Type of Soil Do I Have?

The type of soil in your lawn and garden affects water retention and plant root growth, so adjusting your watering schedule to accommodate your soil type is important. Here's our guide on checking your soil type.

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How to Design a Spring Flower Garden 
For many gardeners, spring is synonymous with color. It’s the season of flowers and fresh greenery, as well as your first chance to return to your garden after a long winter off. This simple guide can help you design a beautiful spring flower garden. Here’s what to do.
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10 Things Gardeners Often Neglect
Whether your garden is a cluster of pots on a patio or fire escape or a backyard spanning acres, taking care of demanding plants can be a challenge. Here are 10 things gardeners often overlook that can make a big difference in whether your gardening experience is discouraging or delightful.
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