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Tag: Snow Shovels

Dec 17

Become A Snow Shovel Expert

You might have seen recent articles that more than half of the US is covered in snow (and that doesn’t even take Canada into account).  Some places were blanketed with feet of snow in just a short time.  That means a lot of digging out going on.

We’re entering our third season selling the world’s best snow shovels, and so we want to pass on some tips on how you can shovel snow like a pro this winter.

Take care of yourself

Whatever you do, make sure you’re taking care of your … Read More

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Dec 10

Winter Testing Ground

The other day, we had a big snow storm here at Orbit.  Based in northern Utah, we get them quite often, so it wasn’t the end of the world, but it certainly does affect the commute.  Luckily, it gave a us a chance to test out Orbit’s new line of snow shovels.

You’re thinking what’s so special about a snow shovel, right?  Well, Orbit does have something a bit different to offer.  From first look our snow shovels may look like all the others, but the truth is we’ve manufactured the … Read More

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Jan 25

Orbit Snow Shovels are Tough

For over four decades, Orbit has been making products to assist you in creating the perfect landscape. But what happens when the last leaf drops and it’s time to store away your watering tools? Do your landscaping needs end with the close of summer?

Headquartered in Northern Utah, home of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, Orbit knows that landscaping needs last year round. We are used to clearing walks, driveways, and outdoor living spaces of Utah’s renowned snow.

While clearing snow isn’t all that exciting, it is a fact of life for … Read More

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