Starting Your Garden Indoors

Starting Your Garden Indoors     Going through seed and garden catalogs while it’s snowing outside is a joy for many gardeners. The catalogs have bright pictures, enticing descriptions, and the latest garden gadgets. Spring can’t get here soon enough! But you don’t have to wait for spring to get a jump start on your garden.  Have you ever bought seeds and not known what... Read more »

Tomato Varieties Demystified

Tomato Varieties Demystified It’s true what they say. Money can’t buy home grown tomatoes. That means you need to grow your own! Whether you start from seed or buy plants from a greenhouse, finding the right variety is crucial. But where do you start? Let’s begin with hybrid vs. heirloom varieties. What’s the difference? Hybrid... Read more »

How to Save Tomato Seeds

How to Save Tomato Seeds Saving tomato seeds from heirloom varieties is more than a hobby for some people. It’s a passion. In order to be successful, you must follow a few simple steps. First, hand-pollinate the flowers you want to collect fruit from. Tomato flower pollinating wands are sold specifically for this job. They... Read more »

Mildew in My Garden!

Mildew in My Garden! Near the end of summer, nights begin to cool, the sun isn’t as intense, and it is finally time to harvest your garden. These changes can also bring an unwanted guest: powdery mildew. Most gardeners have seen it and may not know what it is. It looks like someone sprinkled powdered... Read more »

The Gift of Water: 1,917 Dogs

Use the B-hyve hose timer when you’re watering your lawn and you could potentially save 46,000 gallons of water per year. That’s a lot of water. You know what you could do with that much water? You could open up a dog washing shop and wash 1,917 average sized dogs. Once. Or:  Buy a B-hyve... Read more »

XR Sprinkler Timers Now Available!

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