The Gift of Water: 1,917 Dogs

Use the B-hyve hose timer when you’re watering your lawn and you could potentially save 46,000 gallons of water per year. That’s a lot of water. You know what you could do with that much water? You could open up a dog washing shop and wash 1,917 average sized dogs. Once. Or:  Buy a B-hyve... Read more »

10 Benefits of Using Vinegar in the Garden

Households everywhere are switching from harsh cleaning supplies to all-natural ingredients that are more environmentally friendly. Not only is vinegar a great ingredient in organic cleaning products, but it also has multiple benefits in the garden as well, allowing you to move away from toxic chemicals and pesticides in favor of organic solutions.  1. Save... Read more »

The 3 Types of Drip Tubing

Drip Irrigation is one of the most flexible and effective ways to water. Drip Irrigation is a watering system that slowly applies water directly to your plant’s root zone, allowing you to water more plants with less water. Not to mention, since you won’t have water sitting on top of your soil you should see... Read more »