B-hyve App Makes Programming a Breeze

bhyveapp1The new B-hyve Wifi Smart Timer is making waves and customers are discovering the ease of setup and use.  We love hearing from them about their experiences and thoughts.  One commonality of many users is that they are barely scratching the surface of what the app and timer can do.  So, what can you do with the app?

Most importantly, you can set up zones.  Within the app you’ll be able to tell the B-hyve about each of the zones within your yard.  Apart from giving the zone a picture and a name, you can tell the Smart Watering feature certain details about the zone, such as soil and plant type, what kind of sprinklers you have there and how many, as well as shade and slope angle.  All this will combine to tell the timer the best way to water this particular zone.

If you’d rather tailor the program yourself, you can set that up through the app as well.  The B-hyve is capable of three separate programs, but can save up to dozens of programs, which you can activate interchangeably as the seasons and plant need fluctuate.

The calendar function will give you a visual representation of when the watering is going to take place.  It will show you when each program will be watering and/or when smart watering will be in effect.  Because smart watering runs based off of weather patterns, you will only see a few days out at a time.  But rest assured, the timer is constantly evaluating the situation to give your yard the water it needs. bhyveapp2

Under the settings tab you’ll be able to see information about your timer and B-hyve account.  There you’ll also have a record of past timer performance, so you’ll know when your timer has watered.

Finally, you’ll be able to see watering status in real time and even activate the zones manually.  So if a rain delay in in effect, you’ll know about it.  Or, if you want to test a zone, you can do that too through the app.  This makes turning on your system in the springtime very simple.  No more going back and forth to the timer.