Announcing Orbit B-Hyve Wifi Smart Timer

Spring is almost here, and that means the watering season is fast approaching.  And what better way to kick off the season than by launching new, cutting edge products?  Orbit is excited to announce the new b-hyve Wifi Smart Timer with WeatherSense Technology.

57946_01This timer has too many features to cover here, but we wanted to highlight some of the most impressive ones, all of which we’ll be covering in further detail over the coming weeks.

The b-hyve is a new timer, built from the ground up by our engineers, to use the latest technology.  The aim of this timer is simple: make programming and control easier than ever before and to save you water (and, by extent, money).  To do this we integrated the timer with WeatherSense technology that receives regular, real-time updates about weather conditions in your area.  The timer will know when rain is approaching and know to delay or suspend watering, resulting in a 25-50% savings in water use.

Each timer is programmable from our new b-hyve app (available for iOS and Android devices), as well as a web portal.  You can create detailed and customized watering schedules, see what your timer is doing and what is scheduled to do, and what weather is approaching that might affect watering.  You can turn on/off your timer and activate zones all from your smart phone.  So whether you’re five-feet, or five-thousand miles away, you have total control of your timer.

As opposed to other smart timers on the market, the b-hyve has full controls at the timer, so you can control it there to.  It also has our industry leading large screen to see exactly what’s happening.

It comes in a lockable, weatherproof cabinet for indoor or outdoor mounting, battery backup, hinged front panel for easy wiring and is Made in the USA.

Oh, and one other thing, the price.  $99 for the 6-station and $119 for the 12-station, making the b-hyve more than half the cost of the competition!  The b-hyve is available today at Home Depot and Lowes, and will be in other retailers in next few weeks.