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This Factory Code of Conduct (“Code”) defines Orbit Irrigation Product Inc.’s (“Orbit”) business practice requirements related to social and environmental responsibilities, anti-corruption, and conflict of interest. Orbit demands that all facilities manufacturing products for Orbit (“Factories”) operate with strict conformity to this Code. Factories are evaluated and audited against this Code.
1. Health and Safety
Factories must provide a healthy and safe working environment. Worker safety is a priority. Factories must be actively engaged in the identification and elimination of potential hazards.
2. Child and Forced Labor
The use of child, forced, bonded, or indentured workers is unacceptable. Factories must implement verifiable processes to ensure that all workers engaged in the production of Orbit products are recruited and retained in compliance with all applicable laws including those on discrimination, slavery, and human trafficking.

3. Hiring and Employment Practices
Factories must have verifiable processes governing hiring practices that accurately confirm workers’ age and legal right to work in the country prior to employment.  All aspects of employment including hiring, pay, and promotion, access to training, termination, and retirement must be based on an individual’s ability and willingness to do the job.

Corporal punishment, mental or physical abuse of workers, or harsh or inhumane treatment of workers is impermissible.
4. Labor Hours
Employees may not work hours in excess of that allowed by local law and may not work more than six consecutive days without a full 24 hour period of rest and may not work more than 70 hours in any seven day period.
5. Compensation
Worker compensation, including wages, overtime premiums, and benefits must meet or exceed local legal requirements. Factories are encouraged to provide wages and benefits that are sufficient to meet workers’ basic needs and provide some discretionary income for workers and their families.
6. Living Facilities
Factories that provide dormitory and cafeteria facilities for their workers must provide safe, healthy and sanitary facilities.
7. Compliance with Laws
Factories must fully comply with all applicable national and local laws and regulations, including those related to labor, immigration, and health and safety.
8. Gifts, Gratuities, and Entertainment
Orbit forbids giving or accepting entertainment or gifts exceeding $50 in value. This applies to Orbit associates and their family members.  No gifts or entertainment (regardless of value) may be offered to an Orbit customer or a 3rd party auditor, or in connection with an inspection, audit, or during the bidding process.
9. Conflicts of Interest
Factories must not engage in any activity with an Orbit associate which would create a real or perceived conflict of interest.
10. Anti-Corruption
Factories must not tolerate, permit, or engage in bribery, corruption, or unethical practices. Factories must maintain accurate, transparent, and honest records relating to their business with Orbit.
11. Enforcement
Orbit by itself or using a third party, will make announced and unannounced inspections of the Factories and their records to ensure compliance with this Code. Factories must maintain and will make available to Orbit, all documents necessary to demonstrate compliance with this Code.
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