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7 Reasons Why You Need a Smart Hose Faucet Timer

Make appreciating your green a little easier and more environmentally aware with a faucet timer.

We love our lawns, our own personal patches of green. We relax, entertain and putter on our lawns. It’s emblematic of the American Dream, that patch of green. Keeping it healthy, green and enviable to the entire neighborhood takes time and effort. It’s worth it, of course, because we care for our lawns, however, there is a way to make appreciating your green a little easier and more environmentally aware. How, you ask? By knowing these seven reasons why you need a hose timer. That’s how.

Never overwater again

You’ve had this happen, you’re working outside for the day, taking care of the lawn and other things on the to-do list, you set your sprinklers and let them water your lovely patch of green and then, off you go to clean gutters, sweep walkways, talk over the fence with Bob, your neighbor. Time gets away and when you finally get back to your patch of green, it’s become an in-ground swimming pool. With a hose timer, you never have that problem again. You get the perfect amount of water for your green and no more. Set it and forget it, it’ll take care of itself.

Frees up your time

You want to keep your green patch beautiful but you also want to: go to a ball game, play with the kids, take a walk with the wife. There are so many demands on your time, why let your lovely lawn be one of them. With a hose timer, you don’t have to be there to water your lawn. You can set it up on an app and then you’re free to do other things and be other places without worrying about your lawn.

Simplicity itself

Hose timers are so incredibly easy to set up it doesn’t make sense not to have one. Most require batteries but, what doesn’t? Some, like B-hyve by Orbit, are designed to get a better and longer life from the two AA batteries it requires. They are easy to set up in your yard and simple to connect to your smartphone so you can control it from anywhere. The time, money and effort a hose timer will save you make it a no brainer to own.

Conserve water

This is a big one for a few reasons. Conserving water will, of course, save you money on your water bills, but it has the potential to do much more.

If you’re thinking of your little patch of green then imagine all the patches of green around you. If all those patch owners use a hose timer, that’s a lot of water being conserved. All of that water saved is cost-cutting for you and your neighbors but it has a much larger reach.

It’s easy to forget that water is a gift. We can worry about over-watering our patches of green but the notion of over-watering is completely foreign to some people on this planet. They rejoice at the sight of one glass of water.

So, you can have your proud green patch, inspire your neighbors.

How much water you save is going to depend on where you live, how big your patch of green is, how much water you use, etc. etc. The EPA has a site called WaterSense, you can go there and calculate your water usage and your water savings.

Here’s an EPA Example Monthly Property Water Use















Water Use (gallons)














In this chart pulled from the EPA site, you see this particular property’s landscape is watered heavily April through September. If we were to determine this landscape’s non-seasonal or baseline water use it’s pretty simple

Using the information above, we averaged the monthly water use from the non-watering, non-seasonal months, which are October through March, this will result in an estimated monthly baseline water use rate of 55,000 gallons of water per month. So an estimated annual water use without lawn watering, irrigation, is equal to: 55,000 gallons per month X 12 months which equals 660,000 gallons per year.

Now, to figure out how much water is this person using for irrigation we would subtract this estimated annual baseline water use from the metered total presented in the table above which is 890,000 gallons/year – 660,000 gallons/year amounts to 230,000 gallons used for irrigation every year.

Knowing that baseline can give you clear goals to hit and the EPA can help you find ways to conserve water. But, one of the best and easiest ways to save water is with a hose timer. In fact, a study done by Plant City, Florida showed that as much as 60% less water was used with a hose timer.

Keep you safe

Now, you probably didn’t even consider this when you thought about getting a hose timer but, it’s true.

Think about this; working in combination with timers on the lights in your house, the timer on your hose can give the illusion that there are people at home. So, if you’re away and someone is checking out your house, your hose going on and off, the lights in your house going on and off, will give the illusion that you’re home and that, perhaps, will deter those looking to do mischief.

Easy app controls

With a hose timer, you can control water flow from an app on your smartphone. Most timer apps, like the Orbit B-hyve, allow you to set a schedule, see a watering calendar and allow you to turn your hose on and off with a simple click of a button. This frees up physical and mental time. Once you’ve connected your timer to the hose and your phone, you can basically forget it and let it do the work it was born to do. Spend more time living your life and less time standing with a hose. Unless, you know, you enjoy standing with a hose. No judgments.

Weather Awareness

Most of the apps connected to a hose timer are quite smart and advanced in their technology. They will actually monitor the weather and know that, if it’s raining or if there is rain coming, the watering doesn’t need to be done. This keeps you from having to fight the elements to turn water on or off or second-guessing the weather and putting plans on hold because of it.


A number of smart hoses have a variety of metrics that can determine how fast water is going to evaporate from your soil. These metrics depend on location, area to be watered, type of soil, type of landscaping and such. But, the metrics allow your smart hose to break watering time into smaller segments which can prevent runoff, which is better for the environment and it will also save you money. Your hose timer can think of a lot of things that you don’t need or want to think about. What it thinks about saves money, time and the world.

How many things in your life have become simpler due to automation? How much easier is your day knowing that you have tasks, tools, and apps right in the palm of your hand? If your phone and automation make daily life easier and saves you money, doesn’t it make sense that you hook your patch of green up to technology and make your lawn life that much easier?

Global Impact

Orbit has one of the best hose timers on the market, the B-hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer. Right now, for every B-hyve Hose Faucet Timer you purchase here, for yourself or as a gift this holiday season, Orbit will donate $5 for each timer purchased to, helping empower those who need it most with clean water.


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