5 Tips to Starting up your B-hyve Hose Faucet System

1-Replace Batteries

To achieve the best performance from your timer, replace your batteries (AA) at the beginning of each season.

2-Update Firmware

If you have not recently updated your firmware, make sure to follow the steps below:

Open B-hyve app > go to settings > devices > select your hose tap > select update firmware. 

IMPORTANT! While updating firmware make sure you are within Bluetooth range, and keep the B-hyve app open until firmware update is complete.

3-Clean Filter

Clean any debris that may have accumulated in the filter. If your timer needs a new filter, you can find one here.

Watch the video below on how to clean and replace a filter:

4-Flush Timer

Attach the B-hyve timer to your hose faucet. Turn on the water and start a manual cycle by pressing the button on the timer for 3 seconds, or from the B-hyve app. Let this run for a couple minutes to ensure any debris is flushed out of the timer.

5-Check for Leaks

Connect your hose and observe connections both at the faucet and the hose, looking for any leaks. Water spraying from the faucet connection may indicate that the connection is not tight enough, or that the washer needs replacing. If you notice any leaks in your hose, resulting from a crack or cut in the hose itself, you can fix them easily with a hose mender.

Start Watering