4 Tools that Simplify Fixing Sprinklers

We all know that feeling of our hearts sinking when we accidentally run over the sprinklers with the lawn mower or when testing the sprinklers and it looks like you have a geyser in your yard. Having a yard is definitely a lot of work, but these four Orbit tools make fixing the sprinklers easier.

1.Sod Cutter

As a home owner the sod cutter is a must have tool. With the sod cutter, you won’t be trimming your sprinklers instead of the grass anymore. It does a great job of cutting away any excess grass that is  blocking or clogging up your sprinkler heads, while still giving a clean look to your lawn. It’s also super easy to use, just place it over the sprinkler head, and twist.

2.Spray Head Pull Up Tool

With the spray head pull tool, replacing and installing nozzles is a snap. Just use the teeth to pull up the nozzle or stem and then clamp the tool to the stem to hold it up while you install a new nozzle. You can even use it to pull up spray head sprinklers with or without an installed nozzle.

3. Sprinkler Nozzles

Nozzles allow you to get the perfect performance out of your sprinklers and are very easy to install. They allow you to adjust the flow rate and distance of your spray. All you need to know is the spray distance, pattern, and threading to get the right nozzle, for more information on this become a sprinkler nozzle expert.

4. Voyager Adjustment Key

Save yourself from replacing the sprinkler head and instead use this key to adjust your spray pattern, spray distance, or to replace your nozzles.

For more videos on adjusting the Voyager II, check our series on YouTube