4 Products to Boost Your HoseEnd

Hose faucets are a great utility for keeping any yard in top shape. They’re so versatile with all the tools and devices you can attach. Today, we’ve got four products (and one bonus product) to help beef-up your hose faucet and turn it into a powerhouse of productivity and garden beautification.

1. Quick Connects

All the great attachments for a hose have one slight annoyance: the constant on/off. Sometimes you need a pistol, sometimes a wand for high, hard to reach places. Sometimes you want a sprinkler. Well, no more spinning these things off only to get drenched by left-over water. Quick connects let you swap out one tool for another in a matter of seconds. Plus, their innovative design means they can be used with the water still running and prevent all that excess water from pouring all over your shoes.

2. Hose Guides

These nifty little devices blend into the landscape but let your hose carefully wind it’s way along the path you want it to go. No more having a hose sweep across your prize-winning flower garden, crushing everything in its path. You’re in charge.

3. Hose Hanger

When it’s time to clean up, a hose hanger is the perfect way to store it neatly. This hose hanger has a handy shelf to keep your nozzles and sprinklers in one place. It’s made from high impact plastic, to give you years of worry-free use. And it easily attaches to most surfaces (brick, stone, wood, stucco).

4. Water Flow Meter

Ever wonder how much water you’re really using? The water flow meter gives you an accurate readout. Find ways to save; know the flow.

Bonus: B-hyve Faucet Timer

The B-hyve faucet timer is the cutter edge of hose faucet smart watering. Besides being the faucet timer we’re all used to, it’s controllable via your smart phone. And if that weren’t enough, it’s smart! What does that mean? Well, via real-time weather updates based on your location, the B-hyve can use all sorts of information about your landscape to automatically adjust your watering schedule and run time to keep your landscape looking green and colorful.