Month: June 2016

Five Products to Save Time in the Garden

Spending time in the garden can be a great way to relax. But sometimes you’ve got more pressing things to take care of and don’t have much time to spend on plants. So here are five products that are guaranteed to save you time.

It takes the average person 120-30 seconds to change a hose end nozzle.  That time adds up and can be frustrating when paired with split water all over your work clothes. Orbit quick connects solve that problem beautifully, changing from one nozzle to another in a matter of seconds…literally. Hose end timer attached to hose faucet out doors

Speaking of hose end nozzles, the turret pistol may eliminate the need to change at all. With its multiple patterns you can go from a powerful stream of water for cleaning, to a shower for watering patches of lawn and flowerbeds, to a delicate mist for sprouting plants.

And if that’s bound to take up too much time, a hose end timer may be the perfect addition. Orbit offers timers with 1 to 4 ports, giving a myriad of options and programming flexibility usually reserved for underground systems. Just choose the right one for you, put the sprinkler into place, set the timer, and you’re all done. No more fussing.

Hand attaching sprinkler to eco lock pipeIf you have an underground system you probably already have a timer, but technology is taking huge steps forward, allowing us even greater control. The B-hyve sprinkler timer, with its smart watering capabilities, means you may never have to program your timer again. After initial setup, the timer uses real-time weather feeds to know when rain is coming, how much and what your plants need based on a variety of factors. Your lawn and garden will always get the right amount of water, but you’re off the hook.

And if there is ever a need for underground repairs, check out the Eco-Lock and PVC-Lock fittings. These patented slip lock fittings mean no more glue, no more mess, no more waiting. Just twist, push and you’re finished. The fitting is ready to go with no drying time and you didn’t need to use any chemicals or glue.

The minutes these products help you save will add up to hours and hours over the watering season; hours you can spend doing more important things while still enjoying a beautiful garden.

New Magnum Firehose Nozzles Bring Power and Versatility

56371New for the 2016 year, we’re releasing a range of firehose nozzles to give you a fantastic upgrade to hose end watering.  What’s so great about the firehose nozzle?  For starters, the core is crafted from strong, light and rust proof aluminum.  This metal housing ensures it will stand up to the abuse a garden can bring.

Surrounding that metal housing is a thick and durable rubber grip. This grip is made from uncrushable materials and provides a slip proof, insulated and ergonomic shape.56385

Finally, the adjustable nozzle gives you anything from a tight, powerful spray for blasting off dirt and debris, to a large and gentle flow of water, for watering plants or soaking the roots of trees.  The bright red color ensures the nozzle won’t get lost in the foliage, but be easy to spot.

Nozzles come in small, medium or large, so you can find the right fit for your hand size, with each one providing the same impressive performance and durability.