Month: April 2016

Orbit Celebrates Earth Day and Encourages Water Conservation

SALT LAKE CITY–Orbit Irrigation Products proudly celebrates Earth Day, a day intended to inspire and motivate people the world over to take actions which will build a healthy, sustainable environment, address climate change, and protect the Earth for future generations. One of the Earth’s increasingly scarce resources is the availability of fresh water. In association with Earth Day and in support of conserving water, Orbit announced today it has received notice that its new B-hyve Smart Wi-Fi Sprinkler Timer has passed rigorous EPA WaterSense testing.

The EPA estimates that landscape irrigation accounts for nearly one-third of all residential water use, totaling nearly 9 billion gallons per day. Experts estimate that as much as 50 percent of this water is wasted due to overwatering caused by inefficiencies in irrigation methods and systems. Since Orbit sells more sprinkler timers to homeowners than any other manufacturer, the company feels a strong commitment to providing timers which reduce this waste.

“We are the leader in getting water to the right place in the homeowner’s yard, and we have dedicated ourselves to putting technology in their hands that can do it more efficiently than anyone else,” stated Brad Wardle, Project Manager for the B-hyve. “The genius of the B-hyve is its ability to seamlessly connect to your smartphone, tablet or computer, and let weather feeds and smart watering algorithms automatically adjust your watering for you. The B-hyve keeps you updated on what is happening and when, and can send you alerts anywhere in the world.”

Another unique feature of the B-hyve is a key benefit that has long been a passion at Orbit: enhanced sprinkler audit technology. The B-hyve incorporates Orbit’s award-winning method for using precise measurements of how much water a homeowner’s sprinklers are delivering and how evenly they are doing it. While other smart timers on the market have to rely on default information about sprinkler systems in general, the B-hyve has the ability to capture and use information that is completely unique to each homeowner’s sprinkler system. This gives the B-hyve the advantage of providing the highest possible accuracy in calculating each homeowner’s ideal watering schedule.

Homeowners can realize many benefits of smart technology, but water conservation is at the top of the list. Orbit has partnered with local water agencies to demonstrate the water-saving capabilities of the B-hyve.

“It’s not enough just to claim that the B-hyve saves water. For us it is very important that the claims we make are backed by independent, real-world testing, and not just bench tests in a lab,” Stuart Eyring, cafergot, said. “Our goal as a company is to deliver leading-edge technology that gives homeowners the ability to easily create and maintain best-in-class sprinkler systems, and give them the world’s smartest timers to produce optimum water conservation—all while preserving their beautiful landscaping.”

Having passed the EPA WaterSense tests, the B-hyve will next be listed on the EPA’s website as eligible for water rebates. The Southern Nevada Water Authority has already made the B-hyve rebate-eligible. A 6-station B-hyve retailing for $99.99 has an after-rebate price of just $49.99 to the homeowner, making it an exceptional value.

“With a rebate, a homeowner can have all the features that the B-hyve offers for about the same price as a conventional timer, making the purchase decision an easy one,” added Eyring. “Other water agencies and municipalities are also expected to approve the B-hyve for rebates in the coming weeks.”

Today, on Earth Day, Orbit is especially proud that installing the B-hyve has the potential to deliver more water savings to a homeowner than any other single action— an action made simple with the very latest in technology.

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Smart Watering Removes the Guesswork From Irrigation

Orbit’s new B-hyve timer has many amazing features.  One that we’re particularly proud of is Smart Watering.  This technology allows the user to set the timer only once after which the timer will figure out how much water is needed, adjusting throughout the year to the perfect watering.  This not only keeps your lawn and garden looking great, it saves water and money.

57946_03The B-hyve uses WaterSense technology, linking up with NOAA real-time weather data to give your timer the most up-to-date forecast possible.  This allows the timer to determine if precipitation is possible and in what amounts and at what time.  If there’s a good chance rain is coming, it will delay watering.  Then, the timer will use NOAA data to look back and see what actually happened.  So if rain was forecast and the timer delayed watering, but the rain never actually came, it will know that and proceed to give the correct amount of water.

But that’s not all.  When set up correctly the B-hyve timer knows how much water the different parts of your yard need.  This is all based on plant types (lawn, flowers, etc.), sun exposure, slope/grade, and soil type.  This helps the timer know how much water you need to help the plants thrive.  And it will combine fallen precipitation as part of the equation.  So, for example, if it’s determined your lawn needs 1-inch of water per week and you get rainfall of a ¼-inch, the timer will know and only proceed to water ¾-inch of water that week.

This all works together to save water and money.  The B-hyve timer is designed to revolutionize water use and residential irrigation.  Find it today at Home Depot, Lowes and Amazon.

Pro Flo Timer Get’s the Job Done Without Fuss

Every year Orbit introduces a whole host of new products.  Some are brand new concepts which take a more innovative approach to irrigation.  And sometimes we find ways to make our best selling products even better.  In relation to the latter, we are improving a number of our lines and introducing the professional version of already popular products.

62041_cat_070115One such product is our new Pro-Flow Mechanical Timer.  This takes the already great Mechanical Hose Faucet Timer and gives it a boost in performance and durability.  The Pro-Flow timer works just like the original, similar to an egg timer with the twist top timer design.  The timer still has the same 15-120 minute run duration and requires no batteries to operate.  And it also still has the manual override.  But we’ve improved it with the heavy duty metal construction and grippy, oversized dial.  The internal design allows for up to 20% greater flow.

If you’re in need of simple, easy to use timer for your hose faucet, check out new Pro-Flo Mechanical Timer.