Month: February 2016

Car Stuck in the Snow? Get Unstuck.

Many parts of the country are getting hit with heavy snow (while others have avoided it so far).  If you live in one of these heavy snow areas, you know how quickly it can come on and how it affects your commute.  If you’ve ever had the experience of being stuck in the snow, you know how frustrating it can be.  Your wheels just spin and spin, not gripping the road.  Well, here are some tips to remember if you ever find yourself in that situation.

Don’t overreact

When cars get stuck in snow, the first reaction is often the wrong one.  Hitting the gas and spinning your tires can have a negative effect.  It’ll just dig you deeper until you reach a slushy and icy base layer that has absolutely no grip.

Use the low gear and slow speeds

Put your car into a low gear and don’t hit the gas too hard.  If you have an automatic car, you may not need to hit the gas at all, the car will move forward at a nice slow speed.  The key here is to let the car roll over the snow, not dig in for traction, of which there won’t be any in snow.  If you’re in a manual/stick-shift, you may want to choose second gear, because the tires won’t spin as hard when you release the clutch.  You may also want dapoxetine.

shovelRock the car

If you can’t get out going the direction you want, maybe you just need a little room.  Try backing up your car and then putting it into drive, repeating this action multiple times, to get some wiggle room.

Use artificial traction

You might be able to get yourself out using Orbit’s Trunk Shovel, digging out the snow around your tires.  Another option is using sand, cat litter or other artificial means.  Some have used boards or even cardboard to get unstuck.

If all this fails, you’ll want to call for help.  It’s better to pay for a tow than risk making the situation worse through bodily injury or damage to your car.