Month: January 2016

Some Helpful Hints for Thermostat Install

Once you’ve purchased your new Orbit Clear Comfort thermostat, and confirmed it works (which we covered in our last blog post), how do you get it installed?  Our thermostat is similar to almost any other thermostat in terms of wiring, and the instructions are clear and simple, so we don’t expect you’ll have any problems.  But there are a few tips we want to emphasize, just to make sure you don’t run into any problems.

First, before removing your old thermostat from the wiring, take a picture with your smartphone.  This will give you a clear reference of where every wire went and can be easily referenced in both the new wiring or if you ever had to put the old one back in.  It would also be helpful to any professional help needed.  You could simply send them the picture and most HVAC professionals would be able to assess the tools and time needed for the job.  Furthermore, it’s good to have on hand if you ever have heating or cooling issues and need to consult a technician.  The wiring tells a lot about your system.

Next, before touching any wires, make sure the breaking to that area of your house is turned off.  Even though it’s low, those wires still care voltage and could give you a shock.  This may require artificial light depending on the lighting of the area.  We recommend a headlamp so you can work with both hands.

In addition to taking a picture of the wiring, you may want to label them as well, using the included label stickers that come with every Clear Comfort thermostat.  Though it’s not always necessary, it’s a nice backup.

Finally—and we cannot stress this one enough—make sure you secure the wires somehow between removing the old thermostat and installing the new one.  We’ve heard too many horror stories where those small wires slipped into the wall and were hard to retrieve.  This potentially turns a simple, ten minute job, into a long, expensive task, full of punching excess holes in drywall (which then have to be patched and painted), moving furniture and just overall frustration.  Perhaps use a strip of duct tape to hold them in place, or some other method.

From here it’s simply about following the included instructions, attaching some wires, and programming your thermostat.  As always, let us know if you have any questions.  We’re happy to help.