Month: August 2015

Secrets of an Efficient Sprinkler Timer

At Orbit we’re always trying to develop and integrate new technologies into our timers. This assures you get the most versatile control over your sprinkler system.
But we find that many of our customers are unaware of the immense potential their timers posses, and thus rely only on simple watering schedules that waste water and don’t provide the greenest lawn or prettiest flower beds possible.

57098_Action3One of the key features almost all our timers provide is the ability to schedule interval watering. Interval watering is when a timer waters for multiple cycles, but each one lasting a much shorter duration. The gap between cycles allows the water to permeate the soil, getting down the roots. What this all means is that you may end up watering for less time total but getting a much better results. Grass and plant roots that are deeper mean less water is needed and a stronger plant altogether. Look for a timer with multiple programs and start times.

Another key feature is rain delay. This can be accomplished by simply pushing a button or adding an optional rain sensor. Either way, it shuts down the timer during rain so Mother Nature does the job for you, saving water. And it means you don’t have to remember to turn the system back on, it will do that all by itself. Many of our underground timers accept rain sensors and both our underground and hose end timers have rain delay buttons.

Finally, the budget feature is a quick way to adjust the timer’s watering output without needing to reschedule. The percentage you select will adjust the output as a whole. You’ll find this on most of our underground timers.

DIY Shout-Out

We here at Orbit love getting feedback. We love when customers share their good experiences and well as their poor experiences and where we can improve. It’s great to see people using our products and helping others maximum their efficiency.

Here’s a great video from the Sparky Channel, who has many great DIY videos. This one covers installing a new Orbit Easy Set Logic outdoor timer:

Another great product is our preassembled manifolds. Here’s and installation video by AdamDIY:

What about our hose end timers? Here’s a video showing the installation and programming of the Yard Watering Kit: