Month: July 2015

The Amazing Cooling Power of Mist

Right now, much of the country is in the dog days of summer, where temps might hit triple digits.  But instead of retreating to the comfort of the indoors, Orbit’s misting products let you enjoy the garden, all while staying cool and saving water.

Our very own Orbit Expert, Brad Wardle, stopped by a local news station to demonstrate the real and wonderful cooling power of mist.

Find Water Savings Indoors and Out

Here at Orbit, we’re focused on saving you water in the garden.  But there are plenty of ways to save water at other places around the home.  Here’s some great tips from our friends at Serviz.


Wash room

After washing clothes, your water is called grey water.  Considering the average washing machine can use up to 40 gallons per load, you’d be surprised how much grey water is produced from your weekly loads of laundry.  And if you have an organic washing detergent, that water would be perfect for your plants outside.



A ten minute shower typically uses 50 gallons of water.  So by shortening the time in the shower, the better.

When shaving, washing your hands or face, or whatever it might be, don’t leave the sink running.  Either turn it off between tasks or fill it up 1/3 of the way and use that.

The EPA estimates that a leaky toilet can waste up to 10,000 gallons of water per year.  So that small drip, drip, drip adds up.  Stop any leaks from the faucets, tubs or toilets.



Like we discussed in the bathroom, don’t leave the sink running between tasks.

Make sure dishwasher is full—it’s better to use a dishwasher than washing by hand, because dishwashers today use so little water, but make sure they’re full before running them.

Put drinking water in a pitcher in the fridge—instead of waiting for lukewarm water to cool before drinking, fill a pitcher and leave it in the refrigerator.  You’ll always have chilled water and you won’t be wasting any in the process.

Mist Cooling Brings Summer Relief

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide what to do with summer.  On the one hand, we want to be outside, enjoying the sunshine and nature.  We want to experience those fun summer activities with our families.  But on the other hand, it’s so hot that none of that stuff is enjoyable.

16055_Action2It just so happens there’s a great solution that lets you take cooling to many of these activities.  Orbit’s line of mist cooling devices work great to bring down the temperature so you can enjoy being outside.

Mist is useful in a lot of places you may not have considered.  Recently, we heard of a couple who purchased a new home.  One of the features that really attracted them to the property was the big backyard, with views of the surrounding landscape.  They looked forward to evenings hosting barbeques with their friends and family.  One problem: their backyard faced west and so got harsh afternoon and evening sun.  From late June thru August the heat was unbearable, so much that they rarely did anything in their backyard, let alone hosting parties.  For years this went unused, frustrating the home owners.  The planted trees, put up a pergola and even outdoor ceiling fans.  None of these worked to make the yard enjoyable.

But then they saw our mist systems and decided to give them a try.  The system was installed in an afternoon and, to their surprise, delivered a very comfortable cooling to the entire patio area.  For weeks they enjoyed their newly renovated space.  Then they held a party with some family and received multiple complements on how refreshing it was, even in the full sun.

This is just one of many customer experiences we’ve heard of the cooling power of mist.  So if you’ve got an unruly outdoor area and haven’t been able to find a solution, give our mist a try.  We’re certain you’ll be pleased with the results.