Month: May 2015

The Drip Tubing Puzzle Solved

Drip irrigation is an amazing innovation.  In a world where we are trying to save as much of our precious water as possible, drip allows us to get the biggest bang for the buck.

But drip can also be confusing because of the many options and configuration pattern possibilities.  One area that often raises more questions than answers is drip tubing.  But we’ll break it down for you so you can choose which tubing is right for your situation.

Drip tubing can be broken down into three categories: distribution, soaker and emitter, and those typically come in quarter and half-inch varieties.

67304_ActionThe first we’ll talk about is distribution tubing.  Distribution tubing is sold, fully enclosed tubing perfect for getting water from the source to the point of exit.  There are no holes or emitters along the tubing.  This is the right choice if you want to get water from a manifold to a sprinkler or button emitter.  When you need a customized, laser focused approach to drip—be it unevenly spaced plants, or plants that have differing water needs—then distribution is the way to go.

Soaker tubing is great for ground cover, or tightly packed flowerbeds.  As the name suggests, soaker tubing soaks the ground.  The tubing has a sponge-like construction that drips or sweats water all along the tubing’s length. 67366

Finally, emitter tubing is great when you have evenly spaced plants with uniform watering needs.  Emitter tubing has 1 gallon per hour emitters built in every 12-inches, perfect for flowers, shrubs and hedges.  These also work great in planter boxes and vegetable or fruit gardens.

Choosing the right tubing is the perfect way to make sure your saving as much water as possible while getting peak performance out of your system.

Orbit’s Race for the Cure

“On a rainy, cold Saturday morning, Orbit associates showed up to the Salt Lake City Public Library to participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. The Race for the Cure, which happens in each state across the country, is the world’s largest and most successful education and fundraising event for breast cancer ever created. It has been an Orbit tradition for years to participate and raise money for this great cause. Orbit’s team this year, captained by Farah Mohammed, had 16 members and was able to raise over $1,000 through donations and registration fees. This significant contribution will help fund screening, treatment and education programs that assistant women in our local communities, as well as research projects at Komen’s national headquarters. Thanks to all who came, surviving the rain and cold to promote awareness and make a difference!”


Get More Drip Savings with the Right Nozzle

So you’ve decided to install drip to conserve more water.  But where do you go from there?  If you’re browsing Orbit’s selection of drip products, you see there are dozens of options and it can quickly get confusing.  But picking the right sprinklers doesn’t have to be difficult.

Depending on the area you want to water, you’ll likely be picking between micro-spray, bubblers or drippers.

67137_Action2Micro-spray sprinklers act just like mini spray head sprinklers, only with a smaller, gentler stream.  They come in full, half, and quarter parterns, as well as strip patters.  They are great for grow boxes that have tightly packed plants.

Micro bubblers and emitters are great for pots and flower beds where they plants are more spread out.  You can provide a full stream of water, adjusting its radius as needed, without spraying water to areas that don’t need it. 67110_Action2

Drippers are the laser focus of drip irrigation.  They provide a specific amount of water—measured in gallons per hour (GPM)—to one spot.  These are great when you have plants that start out small and need space to grow, such as tomatoes.  But they work great with shrubs, vines and trees.  Just make sure you pick the right dripper to meet your needs.

66190_ActionAnother great option, especially for hanging plants and greenhouses, are the mister fittings.  These have flexible tubing that can be angled whatever way you need and give the gentlest of watering.

Orbit Max Nozzle Perfect for Countless Jobs

Like many of you, I was recently starting up my sprinkler system and getting serious about fixing up my yard for summer. While I was trimming, tilling, and planting, I noticed that my yard required a lot of cleanup that I hadn’t paid attention to before. Particularly, cleaning the windows and walls of my house, hand watering some potted plants before I put them in the ground and even washing my car. All of these required me to use my hose, but each one needed a different nozzle.

26700The problem was each job needed something a little different in terms of power and spray distance. Well, Orbit makes the perfect product: The new 8-Pattern Max Nozzle.

Made from heavy duty, contractor grade metal, this nozzle can take the serious beatings we know real-world use dishes out. It was engineered from the inside out to offer increased water flow and optimize the eight different spray patterns. The Max Nozzle offers everything from a gentle, rain-like shower for delicate plants, to the powerful jet spray for blasting away tough debris.  And with 30% greater spray distance than the standard nozzle and 25% higher flow, you’ll have more power than ever before.

On the rear, you’ll find a smooth sliding thumb control lever, so you can tailor the nozzle’s power even further. And the insulated hand grip means you can use hot water up to 160°F.

With all the increased flow and contractor grade durability, it’s perfect for those wanting a nozzle that will last them years and years. Check it out at Lowe’s today.