Month: August 2014

How to Repair a Hose with a Hose Mender

Weeks ago, while at the local big-box hardware store, I was in the gardening aisle picking up some insect killer and overheard a conversation between a clerk and customer over hoses. I stood and listened for a moment. Apparently the gentleman had broken his hose pulling it through his yard, getting it caught on something, causing it to tear somewhere in the middle. Garden hoses in the store ranged from $20-$60, and he was asking about the ‘highest quality’ hose, thinking a stronger hose was the answer.

“Did you know you don’t need to buy a new hose?” I told him after the clerk had left.

“Well, this one is pretty destroyed,” he said. “It’s torn in the middle and I tried taping it but it still leaks.”

“Though the clerk didn’t tell you this, hose menders will probably fix that good as new.” We walked down the aisle to a small section of hose menders. I showed him the right hose mender for the job and explained the repair process. Though he was skeptical, it was a much better solution than purchasing an expensive hose. A few dollars and a few minutes time and I’d bet his hose was as good as new.

So if you have a broken hose, consider our hose menders.  Here’s a video on installation: